The future success lies in real estate.

Falcon is a platform that combines real estate and Blockchain, has the expandability to be used in all real estate related businesses, including the purpose of real estate purchase, real estate development and equity participation. Anyone can participate in real estate related business conveniently and safely through Falcon Platform.

About Falcon

It is a block-chain platform that can be used for real estate purchases, real estate development projects, and real estate participation.

Secrets for
real estate investment

Real Estate Investment!!! Its profitability has been verified through many cases and is the most trusted investment destination. Please learn the secret with falcon.

What is the range of use of Falcon?

Developed for real estate development and trading, it has the scalability to be used in all real estate related areas.


Application to use Falcon. After installation, you can receive various services provided by Falcon.

Block-chain +
Real Estate

Combining the block-chain platform with real estate, a trusted investment destination, can satisfy three conditions of stability, profitability, and refinancing as a new product.

Falcon Service

Membership service provided by Falcon.

Creative Join/

Enjoy various benefits by registering as a Falcon member.


Wallet is Payment functions for various services such as remittance, deposit, purchase and project participation.


Falcon merchants can freely make payments. It can be conveniently used as a falcon in own wallet.

/Falcon Resort

You can freely use the resort pool villa condo affiliated with Falcon.


Enjoy various services such as health checkups, golf, theme park, family photo shooting, leisure sports, etc.


Information service provided to Falcon members. You can get information about real estate, investment and various projects.

Owning a property requires several administrative procedures, information, and time. In addition, without real estate expertise and insight, investments cannot be made easily, and not all properties guarantee profits.

Falcon APP

Through the Falcon APP, You can use various services provided by Falcon such as Falcon transaction, Real Estate purchase, Resort reservation, Health checkup, p2p transaction, and Franchise use.

Falcon App

Enjoy various service benefits with the Falcon application.

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